Size Matters

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“Start measuring your progress by the steps you climb versus the mountaintops that you reach”-Robin Sharma

I was making Tuna salad for lunch yesterday, and reached for a spoon to get my mayonnaise out of the jar. I realized that my spoon was somewhat large and wondered if this was more than the “tablespoon” that I thought it was. To compare, I grabbed my set of measuring spoons and realized I was WAAY off. Normally, I would’ve added two regular spoons (the spoon on the right) of mayo to a can of tuna and calculated it as 180 calories of Mayonnaise in my calorie count. When I used two actual tablespoons (on the left) only then, was it actually 180 calories of mayonnaise. I was cheating my calorie count by 100-150 calories because I didn’t know what a tablespoon of mayonnaise or (anything for that matter) looked like.

It’s amazing how far off we can be when we assume portion sizes so I would suggest buying a set of measuring spoons and dry measuring cups to help you along the way. The measuring cups that I have, I bought at Weight Watchers many years ago. They look like big serving spoons and I think that they still make them today, so drop into a Weight Watchers, tell them you’re a member at another location, and see if you can find them.

Bottom line, small changes will amount to big differences.


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